P4 Laser Engraving

Stainless Steel

laser engraveing stainless steel, pewter and other suitable metals using a metal marking solution. This provides a permanent black mark on the metal. We can fabricate stainless steel and other suitable metals to your requirements. The process is suitable for steel plaques, small signs, name plates, compliance plates, commemorative plaques, opening plaques and most stainless steel surfaces. The stainless steel plates are coated with a metal coating solution that allows the laser engraver to permanently mark the surface, leaving a durable black coating.

The stainless steel can be supplied with a brushed finish in a number of thickness, our two standard thicknesses are 1.2mm and 0.9mm. Two grades can be supplied, either standard grade #304 or marine grade #316. The engraved plates or engraved plaques are suitable for outdoor & indoor use. MetalMark laser marking materials combined with the power and speed of our laser provide a high contrast permanent mark. The nature of the marks depends on a variety of variables relating to the base material and the interaction of the laser with the substrate.

P4 Laser Engraving

The particles in the metal marking material are very fine, so the spatial resolution of the resulting marks is largely determined by the fusing laser beam's spot size. With appropriate laser settings, the process produces resolutions up to approximately 1200 spots per linear inch - comparable to high-quality typesetters and printers.

Marks on stainless steel have withstood military lubricants, salt water spray, high heat and abrasion tests.